Providing Data Powered Financing For The Logistics Sector

Thumeza is a cashflow and growth partner for small scale transporters and the businesses that rely on their services

What we do

Empathetic and easy access to  finance

Thumeza is a fintech that uses an online loan management platform to provide credit to small scale transporters through debtors factoring and early invoice settlement solutions.

We manage the process, end to end, for our distribution partners such FMCG companies and logistics aggregators allowing them to focus on their core operations.

Where finance and logistics meet

Loan Management
Manage your finance applications, reviews, repayments, defaults, interest rates and collections.
Track outgoing funds, co-signings, contracts, demographics, funds incoming and transaction timelines
Industry Value Chain

Tailored for players in the logistics value chain



Get access to affordable credit using your invoices from the companies you do business with


Distribution Partners

Support your small-scale transporters' cashflows while you focus on your core operations


Credit Providers

Ensure that your funds have transparent, predictable, growth adjustable and risk limited returns.

Our clients work with;

Our  Solutions

Services customized to your needs

Thumeza is often cheaper than traditional financing  and is available to selected small scale transporters through targeted distribution partners and minimizes the risk of defaults through direct integration with the end customer.


Early Invoice Settlement

For transporters, access affordable financing from a trusted business with an all-inclusive interest rate and no additional fees.


Embedded Financing

Provide access to embedded financing through lending as a feature for the transporters in your value chain


 Loan Management

Efficient end-to-end loan origination, and management processes with easy onboarding enabled by end-use integration


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify?


To access the Thumeza platform, you have to be a registered transporter contracted underneath one of our distribution partners.

What sets Thumeza apart from traditional financial institutions?


We focus specifically on the logistics industry, understanding its unique challenges through our previous experience of being a logistics aggregator. Our solutions are designed to be flexible, accessible, and supportive of the growth and sustainability of small scale transporters and the businesses that they service. 

How long does the application take?


The application process from submission, reviewal, approval or feedback and transfer of funds to your account will take 3 days.

Still have a question?

We're always happy to have a chat about how our solutions can help you


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